TrafficWiz is an advanced traffic inspection solution specifically designed for classification of encrypted network traffic.

Encryption protects data for end users, business organizations and government. However, its proliferation is a challenge for security analysts who require legitimate network traffic inspection capabilities. With 80% of Internet traffic encrypted today, enterprise networks and communication service providers are unable to differentiate subscriber offerings, ensure suitable

QoS, secure the network and conduct network planning. Encrypted traffic also poses a challenge for law enforcement and intelligence communities requiring effective lawful intercept analysis solutions. TrafficWiz employs machine learning for its advanced classification engine and includes an automated traffic labeling module with human in the loop intelligence to support rapid model training.

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No More Blind Spots

The TrafficWiz classification engine leverages the latest Machine Learning techniques to learn intrinsic spatio-temporal network traffic characteristics for applications ensuring no more blind spots as traffic patterns and protocols evolve. TrafficWiz does this without compromising user privacy. User content in the packet payload is neither decrypted nor inspected.

The Future of Network Traffic Classification

No more blind spots

Reclaim complete traffic visibility lost due to encryption with the TrafficWiz next-generation classification engine. Maintain both the benefits of encryption and remove any blind spots whether its compliance, threat detection or monitoring.

Always up-to-date

Staying on top of new and evolving traffic classes/protocols is critical to ensuring continued, reliable and highly accurate classification. With purpose-built tools and highly automated ML development processes, vendors can rest easy with continuous updates.

Real-time classification

Real-time classification of encrypted IP-traffic makes TrafficWiz ideal for a variety of mission critical network analytics, security monitoring and threat detection solutions. It is well suited for Enterprise network and Network Operator deployments including 5G and IoT deployment scenarios.

Small footprint, easy integration

TrafficWiz was designed to ensure ease of integration for development teams that need to embed encrypted traffic visibility into their products. A rich API and small resource footprint lower costs, risks and accelerate time-to-market.

Never Outdated.

An inherent challenge with ML development is the creation of training data, a time-consuming and complex endeavour. Solana's data scientists developed unique in-house purpose-built tools to automate most steps of the Machine Learning development - ensuring the TrafficWiz classification engine is easily maintained and always up-to-date.

TrafficWiz Applications

Communication Service Providers

  • Content Optimization
  • Network & QoS Planning
  • Billing Applications
  • Copyright Enforcement
  • Application Restriction and Policy Enforcement
  • Service Assurance and Analytics

Network Equipment Vendors

  • Application Performance Monitoring
  • SD-WAN
  • Wireless Access Points
  • Network Monitoring
  • Web Filtering

LEA & Intelligence

  • Rapid Identification of "Data of Interest"
  • Traffic Filtration
  • Sensitive Content Regulation
  • Efficient Storage and Data Sharing

Cybersecurity Solutions Providers

  • Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW)
  • Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)
  • Security and Threat Intelligence